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The Medical Practice Disaster Planning Workbook (PDF)

The Medical Practice Disaster Planning Workbook (PDF)

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Owen Dahl

Don't wait. Put your disaster plan in place.

Protect your practice by using this easy-to-use workbook. And, at only $29.95 the workbook is affordable for ANY medical practice.

NOTE: This is an electronic, downloadable product made up of Adobe PDF documents and MS Word worksheets that are ready to be adapted to your practice immediately!

Disaster planning is something we don’t want to deal with – and it is easy to put it off.

But, disasters come in many forms. Most practice executives think of disasters as Katrina or the wild fires in California. But what about a fire in your building? Or pandemic flu?

This affordable downloadable book (in PDF format), gives the physician or practice executive a roadmap for disaster planning. Get started today!
Table of Contents Chapter 1: Disasters Defined
  Many events can be called "disasters."

Chapter 2: Planning
Focus on the goal of surviving the event and the re-establishment of the business.

Chapter 3: Communications
What if the phones don't work? Options to stay connected before, during, and after the event.

Chapter 4: IT Operations
If your systems are down you are out of business.

Chapter 5: Patients
How to ensure good patient care through the event.

Chapter 6: Employees
Strategies to orient, train and involve the staff .

Chapter 7: Vendors
How to protect yourself and your inventory.

Chapter 8: Hospitals
How the hospital plan affects yours…and legal issues too.

Chapter 9: Risk Management and Insurance
Understand your coverage and the content of all of your policies.

Chapter 10: Financial
What about your accounts payable? Your accounts receivables and daily deposits? The mail? Your bank accounts?

Chapter 11: Documents
How to put together an “emergency box.”

Chapter 12: Media
Know your media and web sources.

Chapter 13: Physical Plant
Items that every practice should have on hand. Smart ways to handle insurance claims.

Chapter 14: References and Resource List
Handy and info-in-one-place as you develop your plan.

BONUS! Workbook template

The bonus Workbook includes these forms for you to customize!
  • Overall guide and checklist
  • Communications
  • IT Operations
  • Patient Information
  • Employee Information
  • Employee Training Log
  • Calling Tree Model
  • Family Member Information
  • Family Emergency Contact Information
  • Emergency Supplies List
  • Critical Vendors
  • Workplace Disaster Supplies Checklist
  • Key Contacts Form
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Policy Information
  • Financial - Prescription Forma Statement
  • Critical Documents
Owen Dahl Owen J. Dahl, MBA, FACHE, CHBC , is a nationally-known speaker and independent MGMA consultant with nearly 40 years in medical practice management — from entrepreneur, to manager of a $75 million practice with 65 physicians, to academician developing certification programs for major medical societies. He is also a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. In addition to his Think Business! book, his latest book is Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice, with co-author, Frank Cohen. He is also the author of The Medical Practice Disaster Planning Workbook published by Greenbranch Publishing.