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Practice Acceleration: Using Referrals to Build a Reception Area Full of Patients

Practice Acceleration: Using Referrals to Build a Reception Area Full of Patients

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Speaker: Drew Stevens, PhD

Length 90-minutes

Drew StevensTo boost your bottom line, referrals are an absolute factor in the success of the practice.  You already know that patient referrals are the lifeblood of the health care practice…but how do you implement an ongoing system that guarantees a steady flow of new patients?  Drew Stevens, PhD, who literally, “wrote the book on, “Practice Acceleration” will walk you through a series of tactics you can use to keep existing patients and attract new patients to your practice.  

A referrals program needs to be coordinated and strategic, leveraging networking and marketing techniques to existing patients, new patients, and even staff members.  It is far too easy to neglect referrals and it is easy not to prioritize the function in the practice.  Furthermore, if referral marketing smacks of “selling” then some physician partners may not be keen to embark on such a program.

Drew Stevens presents logical and cost-effective strategies that you can implement today!  Get the inside scoop on proven methods for building relationships with referring physicians and their practices executives, how to build a network of physician referrals so your practice is not dependent on just a small group of doctors who refer.  Hear the time-tested tips that will help the all-too-busy physician or practice executive to implement the referral system immediately. The roadmap proposed includes a referral system based on quality care.  Patient Acceleration will follow along with increased profits for the practice.

Using real-world examples drawn from Drew Steven’s own case files, this 90-minute webinar will give you the roadmap for setting up a referral program that works!

Dr. Drew Stevens will show you how to:

  1. How to build a referral mindset; how to make it easy to attract patients to the practice.
  2. Understand why creating a “great first impression” is paramount for driving referrals and improving the patient experience.
  3. Learn why timing is so important to referral building and steps you can take to ensure action occurs for all referrals.
  4. How to make allies not adversaries - and how to make the referring physician look good, and how to uncover the obstacles that produce gaps in your referral network.
  5. Learn the 6 essential rules of networking and referral etiquette and how to create ways to motivate your sources for endless referrals.
  6. Develop 5 methods to make your staff members the “walking ambassadors” for your practice.
  7. Why social media is key for referral opportunities:  How to tap the Internet surfers and information seekers; how to use your website as a referral source.
  8. Understand how using “mystery shoppers” can uncover referral blockages.
  9. Obtain a step-by-step script that will instantly create 4-5 new referrals with no additional work.
  10. How to use existing patients (and their family members) to drive physician referrals.
  11. Learn an easy way to communicate your practice’s mission.  And an easy way for others to express what you do best.
  • Bonus #1 – Learn the secret to the 25x30x50 rule
  • Bonus #2 – Additional tips to kick-start your referral program 

Program Materials: Handouts are included on the CD.

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Drew Stevens is President of Stevens Consulting Group, a renowned author, consultant and practice management expert. He holds an MBA in International Business and a PhD in Leadership and Management with an emphasis in workplace productivity.
Dr. Stevens has helped thousands of doctors to reach billions of dollars in new revenue by strategically implementing processes and methods that develop new relationships and new revenue.

Quoted frequently in the media, Dr. Stevens has written 700 articles on business development and he is an in-demand speaker on the National scene. He is also a frequent keynote speaker at major conferences and webinars and guest lecturer at numerous universities. He is the author of the new book, Practice Acceleration:  Helping Chiropractors Maximize Patient Volume and Revenue.

His consulting firm, Stevens Consulting Group, has attracted clients such as Mercy Health Plans, BJC Hospitals, Logan College of Chiropractic and over 500 other leading institutions.