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Branding and Marketing your Medical Practice: How to Convert the Personality of Your Practice into Profits

Branding and Marketing your Medical Practice: How to Convert the Personality of Your Practice into Profits

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Speaker: Cheryl Bisera

Length 90-minutes

The world of medicine has evolved into an industry where providers, clinics and hospitals must compete for business within an increasingly demanding environment. Health organizations must embrace what big businesses have known all along – branding and marketing are a huge part of staying competitive and relevant with consumers.  Learn how to zero in on the strengths of your organization and communicate them consistently and effectively to your existing patients, referral sources and community to reach your growth goals!

Listen to learn how to:

  1. Identify the distinguishing characteristics and values of your practice in order to craft an effective brand and mission statement – the starting place for solid marketing that leads to impressive growth.
  2. Demonstrate your mission and brand in ways that attract new patients to grow your patient base.
  3. Promote confidence in existing patients and potential referral sources, securing a more stable future.
  4. Promote your practice with relevant marketing strategies that strengthen relationships with both patients and professional referral sources.
  5. Attract your most desirable patients and cases with focused marketing.

Program Materials: Handouts included with CD.

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Cheryl Bisera is an author, speaker, and the founder and leader of Cheryl Bisera Consulting, an image development and marketing firm focused on the healthcare industry. Her firm’s key differentiators are attention to internal marketing, practice branding, and patient experience training. Cheryl firmly believes marketing is not only an external activity - it’s also the influence every staff member has on each patient’s experience and perception of the practice or healthcare organization.

A passion for excellence in developing the patient experience and practice image has earned Cheryl impressive testimonials from clients. She speaks for regional medical management organizations and conducts customer-service workshops and training sessions for her clients. She is published in leading industry journals, including Podiatry Management, Physician Magazine, and the Journal of Medical Practice Management, and has also been featured on the popular KevinMD blog.