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Medical Group Mergers: Strategies for Success

Medical Group Mergers: Strategies for Success

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Speaker: Will Latham, Latham Consulting Group

Length 90-minutes

As medical groups work to strengthen their position as independent entities, many are considering strategic mergers with other groups in their region and/or specialty.  Merging with another medical practice has become a viable option for practices of all sizes, and they increase the clout practices have in contract negotiations. 

Mergers can both be a short and a long term strategic opportunity, when handled well. This program provides a roadmap of the merger process and direction on why a coordinated and logical process is needed to reach success.
Listen to this recorded conference and you’ll benefit from a practical and fast-paced program by Will Latham on:

  • Learn why groups are merging and an overview of the “trends” in healthcare today.
  • Understand the merger process, including the myths and truths of mergers.
  • Identify key merger issues.  We’ve seen it all.
  • Determine who is involved in the merger process.
  • Understand the “human element” and the impact in merger negotiations.
  • Learn the inside scoop on pitfalls to avoid.

BONUS!  Additional white paper on the roadmap for a successful Medical Practice Merger.

Will LathamMeet Our Expert Speaker:

For more than 25 years, Will Latham, of Latham Consulting Group, has  worked with medical groups to help them make decisions, resolve conflict and move forward.

During this time he has:

  • Facilitated over 900 meetings or retreats for medical groups.
  • Helped hundreds of medical groups develop strategic plans to guide their growth and development.
  • Assisted over 130 medical groups improve their governance systems and change their compensation plans.
  • Advised and facilitated the mergers of over 120 medical practices representing over 1,300 physicians

Will has an MBA from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and is a Certified Public Accountant.   He is a frequent speaker at local, state and national, and specialty-specific healthcare conferences.

Because of these credentials, Mr. Latham brings a unique and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and an appreciation for the practical realities faced by medical groups in today's rapidly changing environment.