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Integrating Social Media Into Your Healthcare Practice

Integrating Social Media Into Your Healthcare Practice

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10:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m. (Pacific)

Speaker: Chad Schwarz

Length 90-minutes

Chad SchwarzSocial media has spread like wildfire over the past several years becoming a daily online activity for a large portion of our national and world population. For example, Facebook is the number 1 visited website on the Internet every few weeks overtaking the online monopoly called Google, and Twitter is gaining more popularity with each day that passes. So, this brings us to the question, "Does my practice need to have a presence in the social media world?" The answer is absolutely, 100% yes and in this presentation, we're going to focus on integrating Facebook, Twitter and blogging into your practice's online marketing strategy. Using real-world examples from healthcare practices, branding and positioning expert Chad Schwarz will give you the toolkit for creating a social media presence that separates you apart from the competition
Listen and learn:

  • How to create a Facebook business page.
  • How to create a Twitter account.
  • Incorporating specific strategies to effectively optimize a blog post.
  • Explanation of syndication and it’s benefits.
  • How to grow your social media following.
  • How blogging and social media affects ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Chad Schwarz, is President and CEO of Integrated MedReps, LLC, a company focused on growing medical practices by integrating a practice marketing representative into the office and community infrastructure. In a time where medical practitioners are centered on providing top-quality patient care and do not have the time and energy to market and develop their practices to realize their fullest potential, Integrated MedReps, LLC assists in finding the right practice representative, then trains, manages and continuously educates that particular employee to achieve success in the four pillars of marketing: referral-based, web-based, internal and external. Chad is an internationally recognized speaker, author and mentor residing in and conducting business from New Jersey.