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The Best of MPM

The Best of MPM

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Dear Colleague,

Just Published - “The Best of MPM”   

A collection of Favorites from The Journal of Medical Practice Management.

Read these insightful articles, to help you run your practice.  They have been chosen by the Editors at Greenbranch Publishing, and conveniently gathered in one handy volume.

Be Your Own Consultant: Measure Your Revenue Cycle
Sara Larch

Managing the Chronically Overworked Team: Twenty Strategies
Dr. Laura Hills

Managing the Chronically Late Patient
Dr. Neil Baum

A Penny Saved Is Ten Dollars Earned: Fifteen Ways to Lower Overhead and Boost the Bottom Line
Kim Pollock

Purchasing Technology: A Few Things to Consider
Patricia  Hofstra and Rebecca Dean

Reputation Management: The First Steps
Susan Gay and Dr. Kevin Pho (KevinMD)

Relationship Building Blocks and the New Era of Healthcare
Owen Dahl

“How Can We Help You?”: Kinder, Gentler Collections
Timothy Boden

The Intent to Commit Fraud: What Triggers a Fraud and Abuse Audit?
Debra Cascardo

Employment Agreements in the Healthcare Practice
Charles Rosolio
Four Easy Steps to Drastically Improve Your Phone-Based Customer Service
Spencer Peller and Zachary Beimes

Working Effectively with Older Patients: 25 Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Practice Employees
Dr. Laura Hills

Eight Reasons Your Practice Can’t Afford a Lunch Break
Cheryl Bisera

Mastering Energy to Avoid Drama in Your Healthcare Practice
Marlene Chism

Compliance Issues Facing Practices
Alex Krouse

Negotiation Best Practices: What a Healthcare Professional Needs to Know Today
Patrick McGuigan

Develop a Data and Device Destruction Policy in Five Easy Steps
Cheryl Toth

Bullying and Acts of Aggression in the Workplace: Implementation of Effective Prevention Strategies
Debra Cascardo

Common Embezzlement Myths
David Harris  

Go Ahead and Fire Me!: The Top Three Things Generation Y Does Not Like About Working @ Your Medical Practice
Meagan Johnson

Medical Group Mergers: Strategies for Success
Will Latham.

Business Associates Gone Bad: Five Tales of Woe and Ways to Prevent Them from Happening to You
Michael Sacopulos and Jeffrey Segal

Is Your Practice at Risk for Medical Identity Theft?
Donna Weinstock

Banking: Shop and Compare
Jennifer O’Brien and Sherry DeJarnette