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Quit Your Day Job? The Path to Healthcare Consulting

Quit Your Day Job? The Path to Healthcare Consulting

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Speaker: Betsy Nicoletti
Length 60-minutes

Do you ever ask yourself if you could quit your day job and go into business for yourself?  Considering consulting? Leaping from employed to self-employed?

Many coders, practice managers, and health care professionals working in medical practices and hospitals ask themselves this question, and a few decide to try it out.  But, leaving a job with an income and benefits is daunting, and needs careful planning.

Becoming a consultant requires a set of strategies that will help you achieve your business goals.  A consultant needs to define the scope of services to provide and the type of client most likely to buy those services.

Doing the work is easy, finding the work is work. A new business needs a marketing plan. A good marketing plan has short and long term objectives and activities related to those objectives. In the short run, new business can be generated by calling and visiting potential clients, partnering with lawyers, accountants and other healthcare consultants, and letting all of your business associates know about your exciting new endeavor.  Longer-term marketing means positioning yourself as an expert through writing, speaking, and volunteering with professional associations, so that you could be hired out of your immediate network.

It is critical that you focus on activities that matter as you make this transition. A great logo is fun but no one will hire you because your logo and stationery are great and your workplace is organized.  Most of your attention needs to be on client work and client acquisition.

There are joys and tribulations for self employment. This webinar, with nationally-known consultant, Besty Nicoletti, will help you to decide whether it’s the right time to take the leap, and if so the roadmap to get started.  Dedicate 60-minutes to see if this path is the correct one for you!

By listening to this recorded webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe two key strategies to moving into consulting
  • Decide whether to work independently or join a firm – the pros and the cons
  • Examine short term and long term marketing activities and how to accomplish these goals
  • Identify actions that will produce business results
  • Strategies to adopt, mistakes to avoid

Meet Our Expert Speaker(s):

Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC is the co-founder of, devoted to physician reimbursement. She is also the author of The Field Guide to Physician Coding 3rd Edition and Auditing Physician Services, 2nd Edition, both published by Greenbranch Publishing. As a certified coder, Betsy simplifies complex coding rules for practitioners and engages physicians in a positive and respectful way, which encourages attention and accuracy in their coding. Besides doing auditing and compliance work, she is a speaker, writer and consultant in coding education, billing and accounts receivable management. Betsy is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Medical Group Management Association and the Healthcare Financial Management Edition. You may have heard her speak at conferences sponsored by MGMA, DecisionHealth, ACHE, HFMA, AMBA, The Coding Institute, The Journal of Medical Practice Management and the World Research Group.