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Responding to State Licensure Board Investigations

Responding to State Licensure Board Investigations

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Jeana M. Singleton, Esq., and Ellesha M. LeCluyse, Esq.
State licensing board investigations can subject a healthcare provider to serious discipline, up to and including license revocation. Providers can navigate these investigations by cooperating and complying with board directives, including self-reporting requirements. Additionally, state laws are designed to afford providers due process rights before revoking or restricting a professional license, and these laws govern board investigations and the subsequent disciplinary proceedings. Providers should ensure that their due process rights are respected and that the board follows proper administrative procedures when their licensure is at stake. Further, providers should consider HIPAA, patient privilege, and medical records laws to guarantee that any patient information disclosed to a licensing board is disclosed in a legally compliant manner. Finally, special consideration should be given to providers impaired by substance abuse to ensure that they receive the treatment they need.