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Take Back Time:
Bringing Time Management to the Medical Practice

Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to the Medical Practice

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Speaker: Judy Capko

Do you and your staff start each day with best intentions but often end the day in chaos.attempting to beat the clock? By implementing the ideas that Judy Capko presents in this audio conference, practice executives and physicians can manage time, reduce stress and keep patients happier.

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This presentation will examine the changes in society that have influence our expectations and demands, and give you ideas on what you can do about it. Time is not the enemy, but unfortunately, it's that very object we can't seem to get our arms around. Life is a time-line. This presentation will help you find ways to make the most of it and enjoy it more.

Hear guidance on what to do about interruptions, unrealistic expectations and lack of discipline in you and your staff, handling phone demand, using a sensible schedule that works for the practice, leveraging technology and smart-sourcing to save time, educating your patients -- you can train them too, and " "at a glance" " performance reports and useful business meetings.

This CD is important because:

  • Time is at the epicenter of your ability to succeed on and off the job
  • Everyone is faced with time trap
  • Technology has a powerful influence on managing time
  • Patients play an important role in partnering with you to manage time and serve them better
  • Mastering time techniques will put you on the road to managing life's time-line
  • Join us to learn:

  • Organizational strategies to help you master time
  • Ways to get on the technology speedway without compromise
  • Important tools to improve communication and productivity
  • To recognize there " "really" " is a time for everything
  • How to get off the treadmill and get back your life!
  • Meet Our Expert Speaker:

    Judy Capko is Founder of Capko & Company, For more than 20 years Judy has specialized in medical practice operations emphasizing patient-centered strategies and valuing staff's contributions. Hundreds of physicians and administrators have benefited from her practical, innovative and no-nonsense approach to organizational management and strategic planning. She is the author of the runaway best-seller: Secrets of the Best Run Practices, in print and audio book and the author of the new book, Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to Medicine, also in print and audio book format