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Preparing Your Practice for ICD-10

Preparing Your Practice for ICD-10

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Shelly Guffey and Dawn Duchek
In August 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services ruled that the ICD-10 implementation deadline would be postponed to October 1, 2014. Even with this extended deadline, providers should begin preparing for the transition now. This article delivers advice to help providers with ICD-10, with suggestions such as identifying how different areas of your business could be impacted by ICD-10 and considering how to establish new processes to avoid reimbursement delays. Providers also should start training staff to familiarize them with ICD-10 codes, and collaborate with practice management system vendors to ensure they can handle ICD-10 claims. While the transition to ICD-10 will require significant preparation from providers and the rest of the industry, we will see real benefits once ICD-10 has been fully implemented, including better documentation of clinical data, greater consistency in reporting of public health trends, and reduced number of rejected claims due to coding inefficiencies.