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Stop the Front Desk Madness: The

Stop the Front Desk Madness: The "Secrets" to Streamlining Workflow to Improve Patient Service

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It all starts with the front desk.

Too many healthcare practices do not give enough respect or attention to the receptionist and the front office workflow. They end up with, "Front Desk Madness." The staff members in the front office are the external "face" of the healthcare practice, whether to existing patients or new patients, referring physicians, and to third-party payers. It all starts with the front desk.

But when the front office struggles, the practice suffers. Profits suffer. A skilled receptionist is essential for managing the day, staying on time, making patients happy and achieving peak financial performance. So why does this position typically have the highest turnover rate in the practice?

This practical webinar is directed to physician executives, middle management, and staff members responsible for front desk performance and managing workflow.

This presentation is designed to provide practice leaders with the tools to eliminate one of the primary hot spots in the office and to stop the front desk madness. Discover the "Secrets" on how the practice can transition to achieving best-run front desk operations with stellar customer service, seamless workflow and a higher level of job satisfaction for staff members.

Invest 60-minutes to listen to healthcare practice guru, Judy Capko, on:

  • Examine how to redesign front office responsibilities in a way that benefits the entire practice.
  • Explore tactics to improve the front office image and instill pride in performance.
  • Discover technology's role in simplifying office tasks that support the front office and improve team work.
  • Learn how you can achieve best-run front desk operation that streamline workflow, reduce errors and contribute to higher performance and profits.

Re-calibrating the front office function is critical to reducing frustration for physicians, staff and patients, while creating a committed staff and an environment for success. Let us give you the roadmap.

Judy Capko Judy Capko is founder of Capko & Morgan and a nationally recognized management consultant with over 30-years of experience working with medical practices. She is a sought-after speaker and author of the popular books Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, 3rd Edition, The Patient-Centered Payoff, and Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to Medicine, all in print and in eBook from Greenbranch Publishing. She has been interviewed by and published in over 50 prestigious national medical journals, including such publications as Physicians Practice, Urology Times, Dermatology Times, and Repertoire. She has been a frequent presenter at the healthcare management conferences of organizations such as MGMA, AOA, and Pri-Med. Judy also serves on the Advisory Board for The Journal of Medical Practice Management® by Greenbranch Publishing. At Capko & Morgan, Judy works with practices of all sizes to help them solve management problems and run their businesses more effectively. Judy and her Capko and Morgan partners, Joe Capko and Laurie Morgan, also build on their consulting experiences to provide content and market research services to healthcare organizations looking to gain insight into medical practice management.