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Benchmarking in Healthcare: Steps for Improvement

Benchmarking in Healthcare: Steps for Improvement

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Crystal Miner, MBA-HSA, FACMPE
Benchmarking in healthcare, as in any industry, is important for continual improvement. There are four types of benchmarking; competitive; internal; functional; and generic. The first step in the process is to identify the goals (or key performance indicators) most important to the clinic. Next, the healthcare organization must determine where it is in relation to these goals. Once the current situation is accounted for, then a benchmark (internal or external) can be set. Lastly, an action plan is created to move the clinic forward toward the set goal. In this new age focused on value, organizations must continually look for ways to improve. Use of these benchmarking steps can help a clinic aim for improvement in any area of the organization, from financial to human resources, patient care to clinical decision-making.